December Newsletter: Random Acts of Kindness


How would you feel if a stranger showed you kindness?

Recently, a florist in London distributed single roses to passers-by and asked each recipient to pay the random act of kindness forward to a stranger.

“Psychologists maintain that acts of kindness produce endorphins, helping to promote a ripple effect of kindness, and that altruism is good for the individual and good for society.

Dr George Fieldman, a psychologist specialising in altruism said, ‘A random act of kindness is doing something spontaneous and generous to someone without expecting anything back in return. Science shows us that people who act altruistically tend to be happier, healthier and, in fact, to live longer themselves. Societies that embrace altruism foster cultures in which people become integrated, co-operative and empowered, which is of benefit to us all.’”


This holiday season, we invite you to participate in 25 Random Acts of Kindness, an idea created by the blogger Molly Stillman along with her daughter, Lilly.  The idea is to do one act of kindness for a stranger each day leading up to December 25.  Not sure where to start?  Molly has created a calendar filled with suggestions.  Check it out below and on her blog, “Still Being Molly


An easy and fun way to spread some holiday cheer!

Till soon,

Jillian & Bethany

Wandering Downhome


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  1. thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!! that really means the world to me!!!

    • Thank YOU for inspiring us! We love your idea for 25 Random Acts of Kindness leading up to the holidays!


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